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Authentic East African Cuisine!



An ethnic East African Cuisine and prepared just for you with locally available foods. Some of our skillfully concocted dishes include Chapati, Pilau, Ugali, Kenyan style stews and delicious sides like Samosas, Mandazi, and many more!


East African


Swahili Grill takes you on a Safari to our childhood roots in Kenya where every meal is traditionally prepared from scratch. Swahili Grill brings an authentic taste of home-style dishes with a modern eclectic twist.

Our food would not provide that same childhood feel without Chai Tea and the ALL FAVORITE freshly brewed Kenyan Coffee!

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3721 Sumner Blvd #100, Raleigh, NC 27616

Located Outside Triangle Town Center

Near Barnes & Noble Parking Lot #30 & Orvis     

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