Swahili Grill - Delicious Goat Chomas & Stews

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Delicious Goat Chomas & Stews


Only through a mix of the best traditional spices concocted into the warmest and tastiest comfort food you have ever tasted. A secret recipe passed down through generations of family lineage and ancestors.

Enjoy your fresh choices of flame grilled goat, or savory goat stew.

Satisfy your tastebuds with our goat choma. Grilled and served sizzling with delicious taste and tenderness.

Also try our garnished goat meat, cooked tender on bone until golden brown with Swahili spice flavoring, stewed and served with veggies to add a rich, traditional seasoned brown sauce.

Goat trays also come with two sides of your choice!

Swahili Grill serves you an assortment of options to choose from like meats, stews, vegan trays, fish, and more.

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